6 Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile Chat Conversations

Written By Ted Rubin

annoyed_mobile_shopperThe mobile shopping experience has been gaining precedence in the last few years, particularly in the last few months (Thanks, Google!), which is why in today’s blog I’ll be sharing some helpful tips about how to effectively assist mobile shoppers in chat.

Here are 6 big do’s and don’ts of mobile chat conversations:

1. DO look over the shopper’s live chat data

In a previous blog, I mentioned how leveraging live chat datacan help you personalize your chat conversations.ActivEngage’s chat software, for example, gives you access to important shopper information such as geolocation and the device the shopper is using.

Is the shopper in your local area and on a mobile device? If so, it’s possible they’re looking to stop by. And by knowing their location information, you can direct the conversation to get them in for a test drive.

When you pay attention to it, live chat data can help you dictate how a chat conversation will go!

Note: Not all chat providers offer the same consumer data in their software. If you are researching live chat vendors, make sure to ask what consumer data is included to help you understand your shopper’s wants and needs!

2. DON’T use text-based lingo

Do U want 2 stop by 2morro? Were U looking 2 lease? Wats UR phone #?

Do NOT write like this in a mobile chat conversation, or any chat conversation. Text-based lingo can cause communication issues and confusion, and replacing words with numbers is unprofessional.

However, if a shopper initiates the texting lingo, it’s okay to use popular acronyms and smiley faces - but ONLY after the shopper has used them first. This will ensure there are no miscommunications between you, and it keeps the tone both friendly and professional.

3. DO get to the point faster

Even though you aren’t allowed to spell tomorrow like “2morrow”, there are plenty of other ways to make your sentences shorter to help you respond to mobile shoppers quickly and efficiently.

Here are 3 simple ways you can get to the point faster during mobile conversations:

Avoid complex sentence structure.

Prepositional phrases, passive sentences, flowery language, unnecessary formalities and jargon? OUT. You don’t need them.

Instead of sentences like: "As we have a variety of tire replacement options at the dealership, I would like to know if there was a particular tire brand you’re partial to, or if you have no particular preference we could go from there as well."

Try this: "We have tires replacements to fit most vehicles here! Were you looking for a particular brand?"

Formulate a response as the shopper is responding.

ActivEngage’s PreRead™ feature allows you to read what shoppers are typing as they are typing it and before they hit send button. This feature gives chat reps more time to think about what to say, quickly research if needed, and respond without delay!

Directly address the shopper’s question.

If a shopper asks about tire prices, give them the price range, and ask if they want a specific brand. By directly answering the question and asking a relevant question in return, you will get to the heart of the shopper’s wants and needs.

If you think about it, it actually takes more work to provide a vague statement because once the shopper demands a real answer, you have to go back and provide it. It’s best just to give them the real answer upfront if you can.

4. DON’T shun diverse shoppers

Mobile devices aren’t only for English-speakers, so your mobile chat service shouldn’t be either!

Having chat representatives that speak a common language in your region other than English is a great asset to your dealership. They’ll be able to better assist non-English speaking shoppers online -- and offering this service can set you apart from the competition!

ActivEngage’s software also has a 16-language translation tool that allows shoppers to chat in their preferred language. The shopper can write and receive responses in the language of their choice while you read and respond in English!

5. DO ask for the appointment

Many mobile shoppers chat on-the-go. That means they could already have the intention of car shopping or stopping by for service…or they could be showrooming and ready to move on from a competitor’s dealership to yours!

Therefore, it’s important to always ask shoppers if they would like to set up an appointment during a chat. If they are only an hour or less away, great! You’ll be ready for them.

6. DON’T forget to be friendly

After all you’ve learned about mobile shoppers and their need for immediacy and to-the-point answers, it’s easy to get caught up in just being “efficient” rather than being friendly.

But don’t forget, chat is about people connecting with people. Be personable, conversational, and talk about the benefits you can offer to the shopper.

Make it a positive and memorable experience. By remembering to be friendly and personal, you can build lasting relationships with chat that should last for years to come!


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