3 Ways to Use the Recharge Lounge at Digital Dealer

3 Ways to Use the Recharge Lounge at Digital Dealer

Written By AE Staff

Digital Dealer Las Vegas 2022 is a whirlwind of a time. It's packed with content, and it's A LOT to take in. Plus, the upcoming conference is in Las Vegas! That's, like, the textbook destination for a crazy time. 

We're not saying your time at Digital Dealer Conference & Expo Las Vegas 2022 is going to be The Hangover levels of crazy, but we're not NOT saying that. 

With all of the educational content, info from the automotive vendor booths to process, and whatever parties/extra-curricular activities that may tempt you in the nights between conference days: 

You're going to need to relax, refresh, and recharge.  

Luckily, ActivEngage has you covered there as this year's Recharge Lounge sponsor. 

3 Ways You Can Use the Digital Dealer Recharge Lounge

The Recharge Lounge is the place to get away from the insanity of Digital Dealer - if only for a moment. However, that moment could mean everything as you navigate the crazy. 

We aren't in the business of telling you exactly how you should spend your leisure time. But, we do have some suggestions based on the offerings of the lounge. Allow us to paint you a picture of three ways you can take advantage of the Recharge Lounge: 

The Partier. 

So, you went a little hard at a Digital Dealer party. We've all been there. The only problem is, you've got a full day of sessions to attend and some networking to do for your company. 

So you're not feeling amazing, but you might just need a couple of pick-me-ups to set yourself right. ActivEngage will be providing some incredibly handy Liquid IV pouches in addition to the ol' reliables (water and coffee) to help rejuvenate the Digital Dealer party animals. 

Just add the Liquid IV into an ice cold water bottle, maybe slam some black coffee for good measure, and you should be good to go! 

The Pet Lover.

Okay, this is kind of weird, but… ActivEngage has a pet theme for the Recharge Lounge this year. We know, it's a little wacky and off the beaten path, but we found pictures of pets in Hawaiian shirts and just went with it. Weird = memorable, right? 

Anyway, our giveaway swag has a delightfully fun pet-themed twist: we'll be giving away ActivEngage branded tennis balls, laser pointers, and lint brushes. It's not all for the pets themselves! There is some dual practicality for some of the swag. 

So you want a laser pointer for your cat, but your mom also has a cat. So you need two laser pointers. Now, you could just ask us nicely for two. OR, you can go with the spirit of our theme and use your new laser pointer to distract us while you swipe the second laser pointer. I don't know, could be fun. We love some good Tom and Jerry shenanigans! 

The Pitch-Weary Traveler.  

You've been walking around Digital Dealer all day. You've heard so many pitches that they are blending together into some nightmare-fuel solution. You've been hounded by every last Booth Hawk in the joint. You're exhausted! 

All of these solutions and tools couldn't possibly help ALL of your dealership's pain points, right? It's time to escape, and there is no better place to escape to than the Recharge Lounge. Grab a big comfy chair, sip a cold, crisp soda, and take a load off, pal: you deserve it. You can even get an amazing massage by the licensed massage therapist included in the lounge. This is the place to be for comfort and relaxation! 

When we hosted the Recharge Lounge at Digital Dealer Tampa 2022, we were a famous no-pitch zone; vendors chased people down to the lounge and attendees policed the zone themselves! We take that seriously here: this is an oasis for you to relax, refresh, and recharge.

Recharge with ActivEngage at Digital Dealer Las Vegas 2022

In all seriousness, productive times need productive breaks: and that's what you'll get at the Recharge Lounge with ActivEngage. Enjoy hot and cold beverages, comfortable furniture, speedy device charging stations, and even expert massages to help alleviate those long, busy conference days. We'll be waiting for you! 

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