“Video Chat” is Not Chat

I don’t often like to get into arguments about semantics, but I think this one cannot be ignored. There’s a term out there that chat providers are using, and they are using it incorrectly. What’s the term they are using? It’s “Video Chat”. “Video Chat” is improperly named. It’s not […]

4 Key Skills Your Dealership’s Self-Managed Live Chat Team Should Have


At ActivEngage, it’s no secret that we’re strong advocates of quality live chat conversations. And we know our managed chat team does it best. But, if you are considering investing in a self-managed chat solution for your dealership, you’ll need to ensure your team is prepared to start building lasting relationships with […]

3 Costly Problems of Video Chat

.You know what sucks? When businesses do something they somehow believe will be beneficial to customers, but due to poor execution, the impact is damaging and derogatory. Even though it was likely unintentional, this is exactly what recently happened to me. And I have to say I have never felt […]