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SiSTeR Technologies Integrates Video Publisher with ActivEngage Live Chat

Written By AE Staff

Orlando, Florida - (February 2, 2012) ActivEngage, the most trusted brand in automotive live chat, today announced that SiSTeR Technologies has integrated ActivEngage live chat into its new application - the Publisher - as part of the company's 4DF video player. All ActivEngage clients using SiSTeR Technologies' video platform will now have live chat embedded directly into their player, creating additional lead generation opportunities.

It is common knowledge that video remains one of the most powerful ways for dealerships to showcase inventory and engage automotive Internet shoppers on their websites. Unlike most other video solutions, SiSTeR Technologies has integrated ActivEngage live chat technology into its video publisher platform and the ActiveEngage app into its 4DF player.

The Publisher allows auto dealers to add third party provider apps to the top section of the player to create a customized viewing experience for their website visitors. When the user clicks on these embedded apps, the video pauses and the app launches directly from the player. This functionality is integrated with all 4DF video players located on the dealer website, Facebook, or Dealers can choose from various apps including lead forms, credit applications, trade-in evaluations and chat based communication platforms to entice their video viewers to take the next step in the dealer's online sales process.

"We are very excited about this integration with SiSTeR Technologies and allowing the consumer new and exciting ways to communicate with dealers," said Eric Schlesinger, ActivEngage Director of Sales. "Both companies are at the cutting edge and this is yet another way we can not only help our customers but also create a much better end user experience. After all, it is all about creating the best user experience as possible."

Israel Alpert, founder and CEO of SiSTeR Technologies, elaborated that his company, "Already delivers more than 3 million views every month and over two thirds of those views are beyond the dealer's website. Our 4DF player is integrated into every major lead provider's site, Facebook and is directly accessed from YouTube. Including ActivEngage's live chat and other 4DF apps has the potential of increasing the ROI for the dealers by a factor of 5-8 times, all with no additional cost, in just seconds."

The Publisher is provided free of charge to all auto dealers, partners and application providers of SiSTeR Technologies. Moreover, all ActivEngage clients that employ the services of SiSTeR Technologies will have the live chat feature available for free. ActivEngage clients must simply contact SiSTeR Technologies requesting the activation of live chat in their publisher to receive secure access to the application.



ActivEngage ( is the most trusted brand in automotive live chat. Our proprietary chat software, real-time business intelligence and fully-managed chat solution inspire conversations that create powerful first impressions and lasting relationships between the website shopper and the dealership. Each solution was created to meet the specific needs of our dealership customers. ActivEngage is #121 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing American companies, ranked #20 on the Tech 200 national list, and received the first ever Inc. Hire Power Award for the creation of American jobs.


About SiSTeR Technologies:(

SiSTeR Technologies, based in Dallas, TX, is the premier provider of automated video production, distribution and vSEO for auto retailers, manufacturers, and industry partners. SiSTeR provides its clients with cutting edge video marketing solutions that integrate easily into existing online and mobile platforms including third party sites, YouTube, Google and Facebook. SiSTeR developed the Pic2Vid process that creates video using still images and TrueVoice â„¢ technology several years ago and has been licensing it to many resellers and business partners since 2005. Recently, SiSTeR was awarded a US patent that covers the automated production of video files from still images, text and pre-recorded audio eliminating the need for laborious manual process.


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