Retention & Loyalty

Increase your customer retention and brand loyalty.

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Build on your success with ActivEngage’s post-sale opportunities

Maintaining a great relationship with customers after the initial sale is a key asset to your dealership’s long-term profitability that oftentimes goes overlooked. As you work to retain customers through ActivEngage, your reputation improves, your service bays fill up, and your customers become part of a loyal following.


Revitalize your dealership’s reputation with AcceleRater, the industry’s first reputation enhancement service powered by the customer experience experts at ActivEngage. AcceleRater’s proprietary approach to reviews produces a higher volume of positive reviews than any reputation management service achieves on the market today.
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Don’t Just Maintain Your Reputation, Enhance It

Reputation management services are built to respond to reviews reactively, which makes handling negative reviews an uphill battle. AcceleRater’s proactive approach to feedback results in more positive reviews from your customers organically.

Proactive Review Surveys

Increased Volume of Positive Reviews

Easy Review Process

Managed Services Available


Control Your Reputation, Not The Other Way Around

From monitoring your review activity to launching campaigns and measuring rich data, AcceleRater puts you in control of your reputation with high-end proprietary tools and insights. Watch your reputation surge as AcceleRater gains momentum for your brand.


While Sales is an integral part of your business, it isn’t the only vital department at your dealership. That’s why ActivEngage offers messaging for Parts, Service, and even Customer Service — so you never miss an opportunity.
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Messaging For Fixed Operations

30-40% of ActivEngage conversations are related to Fixed Ops. With our messaging solutions, your dealership can get robust leads with vital customer information, such as the last time the vehicle was serviced, the car’s make, model, and mileage, etc.

Routing for Service & Parts

Set Appointments Online

Engage More Customers


Messaging for Customer Service

Upset customers will often find the first available forum to release their frustrations. Offer chat, text, and Messenger as an outlet to diffuse difficult situations to preserve your dealership's online reputation and win back your customers!
Features for Efficient Conversations
Lead Routing Capabilities
Real-Time Escalation Functionality

Enhanced Service Scheduling

With sophisticated DMS integrations and award-winning customer service, ActivEngage’s service scheduling solution fills your service lanes and increases your average profit per RO. Maximize your service opportunities by engaging and retaining business with customers who value your brand the way only ActivEngage knows how.
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Fill More Service Bays With ActivEngage Concierge Appointments

As service customers continue to migrate online to schedule appointments, it's crucial to capitalize on the opportunity to earn their business. ActivEngage sets you up for success by motivating online customers to drive to your service bays. In fact, appointments set by our team average a 15% increase in showrate and $60 increase per RO.

Connected To Your DMS For Seamless Data Transferring

Nothing frustrates shoppers more than booking an appointment online only to discover there’s no record of it at the dealership. ActivEngage service appointments are connected to your DMS, which eliminates overbooking, time conflicts, appointments set outside of your operating hours, and of course, the dreaded missing appointment.

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The Repair Order For Your Dealership's Fixed Ops Strategy

Learn how to position your service department online to increase engagements, appointments, and dealership revenue.

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