Recharge and Relax at Digital Dealer Las Vegas 2022

Recharge and Relax at Digital Dealer Las Vegas 2022

Written By Carol Marshall

Automotive conferences can be…a lot.  

This is not a bad thing by any means! They are an intersection of essential insight, emerging technologies, and community-building for the automotive retail industry. They are lighthouses for those sailing the vast seas of process improvement and product innovation. 

One such lighthouse: Digital Dealer Conference & Expo.

The biannual Digital Dealer Conference & Expo (in Tampa, FL in the spring, and Las Vegas, NV in the fall) brings dealers, OEMs, thought leaders, and solution providers together for a two-and-a-half-day celebration and collaboration that explores future-proofing dealerships in the areas of: 

  • Dealer Ops & Leadership
  • Sales Strategy & Variable Ops
  • Marketing & Advertising 

Simply put, this conference is a must-attend for any dealership in the digital age who wants to stay on top of strategy and success in the automotive retail space. 

Work Hard, Play Hard, Relax Hard

Digital Dealer can be a lot to take in (in a good way), but like with any activity or pursuit, breaks are necessary. So, it’s important to have a space where you can escape the hustle and bustle - if only for a few moments. 

The folks at Digital Dealer thought of this, thankfully, and dedicated an entire booth to the concept of recharging, relaxing, and refreshing - and ActivEngage is proud and lucky to have the honor of hosting it twice this year! 

We wanted to give you some insider tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the Recharge lounge and find your calm in the storm. 

3 Things ActivEngage’s Recharge Lounge Offers You 

  • A place to recharge your phone - and your body. 

Yes, there will be bars around the conference floor. But don’t forget to stay hydrated or get a little zip of caffeine from a coffee or soda! Our Recharge Lounge will be flanked with large coolers filled with water and soda, and coffee machines to keep you fueled during your Digital Dealer rounds. We’ll also have plenty of Liquid IV available (although we suspect you might need those by the start of day 2). 

Not only that, but we’ll have high-speed phone/electronic device charging stations, so you won’t be left high and dry with a dead phone when you’re trying to keep your networking game up or have more content to create about the conference.  

  • A place to refresh between speaking sessions and pitches. 

Obviously, we’re running a business and thus have services and solutions to offer. But Scout’s honor: you will not get the ActivEngage rundown: unless you ask! We strive to create a no-pressure and “no pitch zone”; just real people kicking back and having real conversations. 

You can rest assured that no one will break past the barrier and try to sell you something in the Recharge Lounge. Not on our watch! In fact, at Digital Dealer Tampa 2022, many conference attendees prevented any outside pitching from entering the area themselves. It’s an unwritten rule that everyone recognizes! 

  • A place to relax and enjoy a massage. 

One of the best parts of the Recharge Lounge (in this humble content writer’s opinion) is the presence of a licensed, professional massage therapist. Massage chair and all! Get some myofascial massage relief for your back, neck, and arms after sitting through a particularly long speaking session, or after a long journey of booth-hopping. 

Or, simply take a load off and sit in a large comfy chair. It’s up to you to choose your own relaxation adventure! Just know that you’ll have an oasis in the Recharge Lounge hosted by ActivEngage. 

Recharge with ActivEngage at Digital Dealer Las Vegas 2022

Will we see you at the leading digital-focused conference and expo for auto dealerships? 

We sure hope so! 

Still need to register for the show? Visit this page to learn more about us and take advantage of an exclusive ActivEngage code to get $100 off your admission price! 


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