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One size does not fit all dealerships when it comes to live chat. That's why ActivEngage offers a variety of chat service options and add-ons to best fit YOUR store's needs. (Prices start at $579 per month.)

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On Demand Managed Service
$22 Per Lead

Whether you're looking to try out live chat for the first time, or you only want to pay for what you're getting, our "on demand" managed chat option is the perfect solution.

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Our Features


24/7 Live Chat Support

Our expert team of Live Chat Specialists is 100% U.S. staffed and managed at our Orlando and Las Vegas offices. We assist your online shoppers even after your physical location closes.

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80% Chat-to-Lead Conversion

Our team has dynamic, robust conversations that convert an average of 80% of chats into qualified sales opportunities for your team. Unlike traditional form-produced leads that only capture basic shopper information, our chat team gets the "good-to-know" information so your team can begin the true buying process and sell more cars.


Leads for all Profit Centers

Some dealers think chat only benefits the Sales Department. Not true! In fact, 30-50% of all ActivEngage chats are related to Fixed Operations. That's why we chat and generate leads for all profit centers, including your Service and Parts Departments.


Reporting & Analytics

What are your most-requested vehicles this month? Are more shoppers chatting in via mobile or desktop? Stop guessing. Our Customer Success Team sends monthly reporting and analytics data you can actually use to improve your digital marketing right to your inbox.

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20% of Sales Leads with Appointments

At ActivEngage, we understand the value of driving shoppers from your digital showroom to your physical location. That's why, on average, 20% of the sales opportunities our Chat Specialists generate on your behalf will include appointments.

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