OfferUp Messaging for Car Dealerships


OfferUp is the largest mobile marketplace in the country, and over a quarter of its users only download the app to buy a car. 36% of those buyers want to purchase within a week. Don’t let your sales flop with a poor first impression. Back your OfferUp listings with an expert automotive messaging team and sell more cars quickly.


Dynamic Conversations Produce Better Results

Earn more low-funnel business, maintain a positive customer experience, and let your brand shine with ActivEngage’s unique conversational approach.

1. Educate

CEEs provide answers promptly and thoroughly while establishing friendly rapport with your shoppers.

2. Engage

They stay one step ahead and predict your customers’ needs to guide them closer to the sale.

3. Impress

They relate and empathize with buyers to leave a lasting, positive impression on your behalf.

Meet Your Team

Our Customer Engagement Experts (CEEs)


Hired for Quality

We require all CEEs to have customer service backgrounds. They must pass typing, grammar, & personality tests and complete 3-weeks of training.

Trained for Success

Our Training Department keeps CEEs up-to-date on industry news, our evolving products, and conversation strategies regularly.

Nurtured for Growth

ActivEngage encourages and provides avenues for creativity, team building, and community involvement to develop a happy, productive, and tenured team.

Features that Matter



We need to stay one step ahead to provide the best experience. PreRead lets us see shoppers’ responses as they type in realtime so we can respond quickly.

Dealer Notes

Your unique dealership message matters. Dealer Notes ensure our team properly showcases your unique offers, hours of operations, and brand identity!

Chat Queues

In-app conversations can span several hours or even days. Keep interactions flowing and never make customers start over with our conversation history feature.

And Results That Speak for Themselves

Based on average website chat results. Doesn’t account for the increased urgency of OfferUp car shoppers.

Get OfferUp Messaging with ActivEngage Today!

Your customers deserve a pleasant and painless path to the sale — and you deserve the peace-of-mind that comes with a highly professional team.