New Study Proves that DataWise™ Enhanced Transcripts Puts More Bodies in Stores and Sells More Cars Quicker for Dealers

500 Dealership Nationwide Test - ActivEngage's latest innovation produces unparalleled results across the board.

ORLANDO, Fla., April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today ActivEngage, a leading digital communications provider, announced the full release of DataWise™ analytics with its revamped customer journey transcripts.  A recent joint study by ActivEngage and several hundred dealerships showed increased sales efficiency and a significantly shortened buying process for most customers.  One of the most substantial impacts on shortening the cycle is the aggregation of engagement across multiple channels for a single customer into a simple and consolidated view.  ActivEngage's connected viewpoint of a shopper's journey is unlike any other vision of a customer today.

DataWise™ Analytics helps dealers understand their new and existing customers better.

As a consumer engages across channels over time, ActivEngage captures and connects each isolated interaction while simultaneously verifying and expanding on prospect data by cross-referencing a proprietary repository, or "data lake."  Therefore, it is not simply capturing leads but entire conversations across multiple channels in a single visual timeline.

A better-organized view of customer interactions leads to a variety of benefits for dealerships.

According to a 2019 Cox Automotive study, the average car buyer takes 96 days to purchase. That equals an average of three-plus months of research, answered questions, and engagement details. As customer expectations for communication and responsiveness continue to rise, ActivEngage has released new customer engagement tools to help dealers meet that demand. These creative and original services defined the requirement for a better-organized view of all customer interactions.

Datawise lead data
Hundreds of dealers and their customers see phenomenal results in the first months of deployment.

A pilot study of more than 500 dealerships found that those using ActivEngage's DataWise™ analytics saw 20-45% additional new car sales in just the first 30 days. Insights such as the effectiveness of promotional offers, interest in various vehicles, and even how motivated the consumer is to purchase are all additional perks of viewing the complete journey.

Ted Rubin, ActivEngage's President, commented, "I'm thrilled with the results our dealers, and their customers, have enjoyed. Shoppers love a more focused and expedited buying process.  Dealers are reaping tremendous rewards of the added context and detail in the enhanced view of the journey.  It is so much more effective than individual pieces of only lead data."


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