New ActivEngage Product Gives Car Dealerships More Control Over Trade Valuations

ORLANDO, Fla., May 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ActivEngage, N. America's leading provider of guided retailing solutions, announced that it has partnered with TradeVue to add TradeUp to its digital retailing arsenal. TradeUp is a versatile trade tool, where dealers have complete control over the range and deviation from a defined price.

ActivEngage's digital retailing suite offers a seamless sales process that enhances the customer experience and builds trust. Using data collected through person-to-person messaging, dealership resources are better leveraged.

TradeUp gives dealerships greater control over trade-in profits by allowing dealers to manage and designate the range communicated to the buyer through person-to-person chat. TradeUp also lets dealers set monetary expectations for customers and effectively drive them to the store.

ActiveEngage's retailing suite will create a car-buying experience that allows auto shoppers to comfortably calculate payments, value trades and determine budgets.

"Eighty-five percent of shoppers are more likely to do business with a dealership that allows shoppers to start the process online. But that doesn't mean they want to go at it alone," said ActivEngage President, Ted Rubin. "We've already had tremendous success integrating messaging and retailing tools with CDK Global (NASDAQ: CDK) Connected Store. We've seen that today's customers put a premium on personalized, live chat guidance."

Person valuing a trade on phone

TradeUp will push more leads through the retailing process, providing stronger income flow from higher conversion rates for dealerships using ActivEngage.

"We're thrilled to integrate with ActivEngage services to create this product. TradeUp is designed to maximize conversions and drive more down-funnel leads. Powered by the leading messaging provider in automotive and TradeVue's best-in-class appraisal engine, TradeUp is a common sense addition to the retailing process," said TradeVue CEO, Derek White.

ActivEngage is aggressively growing its online retailing and customer lifecycle solutions. Tools like AcceleRater, Social Advantage, and TradeUp prove that if ActivEngage is not on your radar for elevating the customer experience, it should be.


About ActivEngage

ActivEngage is the premier managed messaging and customer engagement solution for car dealers, auto groups, and OEMs. Founded in 2007, ActivEngage offers solutions for every stage of the customer journey and produces unparalleled results 24/7. The success of ActivEngage lies in its highly-trained Customer Engagement Experts (CEEs) and ever-evolving, web-based software. From chat, text, and Facebook Messenger to digital retailing, reputation enhancement, behavioral offers, service scheduling, and so much more, ActivEngage is a one-stop shop for car dealers who value an elevated customer experience.

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