“People-Powered” Automotive Live Messaging Company Appoints ChatGPT as New CEO

Orlando, FL (April 1, 2023)In a bizarre turn of events, automotive live messaging and digital engagement solutions company, ActivEngage, has appointed ChatGPT as their new CEO effective immediately. 

The decision comes as a baffling, left-field choice from an organization that touts and prides itself on an entirely “people-powered” approach. 

“I mean, have you seen this thing? It’s so dang cool! I can ask it any question I want and it sometimes gives me a good answer,” founder and now former CEO of ActivEngage, Ted Rubin, said. “I asked it what I should have for breakfast this morning, and it said ‘eggs’, so I went ahead and had eggs for breakfast. They were pretty good, so yeah, I think this thing has some insane potential.” 

ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) is a chatbot developed by OpenAI that uses supervised and reinforcement learning to provide surprisingly articulate babble.

ChatGPT’s high-level expertise with using a lot of words to sound smart impressed Ted enough to entertain the idea of ChatGPT as a worthy CEO successor to oversee his dealership live chat empire.

“I know that we pride ourselves in being a very people-focused organization, but I’m not going to lie: having a set-and-forget automated C-Suite executive sounds pretty good right now,” Ted said, unprompted, on a Zoom call after we told him to repeat himself because his microphone was muted. “It just goes on and on, whether it knows something or not. Its high level of word-vomit bullshittery is actually kind of admirable.” 

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