ActivEngage Partners with CreditIQ to Redefine Car Buying with Most Advanced Financial Tool

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ORLANDO, Fla., Dec. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ActivEngage, N. America's leading provider of managed solutions and communications services for automotive, has partnered with CreditIQ, the market leader for integrated automotive finance and banking technology, to release the most comprehensive digital retailing product to date. This new solution extends well beyond the idea of current digital retailing and provides maximum flexibility for car dealerships who want to start, complete, or enhance their retailing process online.

Designed to Complete the Transaction ActivEngage's retailing solution was designed to help car dealers build trust with their customers and streamline the entire car-buying experience from discovery to delivery. The breadth and depth of its market-leading features are unparalleled and include:

  • Certified integrations with DMS and Bank Systems for easy, real-time funding
  • Fully-integrated, street-level, tax and fee desking
  • Immediate bank decisions with stipulations provided
  • Seamless functionality with other digital retailing platforms

"When developing this new retailing product, our primary focus was to bring true online financing and bank approval through a simple interface to the forefront of this product," said Bill Liatsis, CEO at CreditIQ. "We integrate with every bank a dealer can work with via DealerTrack and RouteOne. Additionally, our list of banking partners, which includes well-known regional and national banks, is growing rapidly, allowing us to offer dealers more options than ever."

Engineered to Evolve with In-Store Processes
"One of our biggest goals for ActivEngage's new retailing suite is to offer dealerships a platform that integrates with their current systems, while offering car buyers guidance and flexibility through an express service," said ActivEngage President, Ted Rubin. "What we've built with CreditIQ is an innovative, versatile solution that will adapt to evolving consumer behavior and in-store processes."

Along with ActivSEO and AcceleRater, the retailing platform is part of ActivEngage's customer journey optimization suite. Dealers interested in offering a seamless brand experience from first to last impression can learn more by visiting .


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ActivEngage is the premier managed messaging and customer engagement solution for car dealers, auto groups, and OEMs. Founded in 2007, ActivEngage offers solutions for every stage of the customer journey and produces unparalleled results 24/7. The success of ActivEngage lies in its highly-trained Customer Engagement Experts (CEEs) and ever-evolving, web-based software. From chat, text, and Facebook Messenger to digital retailing, reputation enhancement, behavioral offers, service scheduling, and so much more, ActivEngage is a one-stop shop for car dealers who value an elevated customer experience.

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