ActivAlerts for Managers

Communication is the foundation of a successful partnership. That’s why, in an effort to pass along appointment and customer information to you quickly, we’ve developed ActivAlerts. With ActivAlerts, your management team immediately receives essential customer details for each appointment our chat team sets on your behalf.

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Immediate Appointment Notifications

The ActivEngage managed chat team is highly-trained to have engaging, robust conversations that turn casual online shoppers into qualified opportunities for your dealership. In fact, on average, 26% of ActivEngage chat and text appointments result in a sale. Our new ActivAlerts feature allows our team to hand over the baton to your dealership, so you can:

  • Fill your showroom and get appointments delivered to your sales team
  • Know the needs of customers before they walk into your showroom
  • Create a higher quality customer experience both online and offline


We get them to your dealership, so you can close more sales, faster.

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