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ActivEngage COVID-19 Response Message

Committed to Our Customers During COVID-19

Thank you very much for entrusting your customer-facing communication to ActivEngage.  We take this responsibility very seriously, making sure that we deliver detailed […]

Want More Quality Leads? Start Talking About Finance in Chat

“Stop wasting so much time on leads that won’t close!” Sound familiar? If you’ve ever screamed internally when you watch your BDC repeatedly […]

Setting appointments increases the value of internet leads

The Competitive Advantage of Internet Leads with Appointments

Internet leads from consumers who schedule and keep an appointment have a closing rate of almost 50%. Meanwhile, traditional ups typically close at […]

Automotive Digital Marketing: Live Chat Helps During Slowing Car Sales

How to Make the Most of Automotive Live Chat in a Slowing Economy [PODCAST]

You’ve invested a significant amount of time and money into optimizing your car dealership’s digital marketing strategy. Then, you’re told you have to […]

ActivEngage and Dealersocket Partner for service appointments

ActivEngage, Inc. Partners with DealerSocket to Offer Omnichannel Service-Scheduling Options for Car Dealers

June 12, 2017 (Orlando, FL) – ActivEngage, Inc., the most trusted brand in automotive live chat, is proud to announce a new service […]

4 Key Skills Your Dealership’s Self-Managed Live Chat Team Should Have

At ActivEngage, it’s no secret that we’re strong advocates of quality conversations. And we know our managed chat team does it best. But, […]

6 Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile Chat Conversations

The mobile shopping experience has been gaining precedence in the last few years, particularly in the last few months (Thanks, Google!), which is […]

Risky Business: 3 Ways a Bad Outsourced Chat Team Can Hurt Your Sales

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: not all chat providers are the same. Vendor priorities vary, software technology can be […]

build rapport with shoppers

Use Live Chat to Build Rapport With Shoppers

People buy from businesses they like, trust, and know—which is a big reason why establishing rapport is so important in the sales process, […]

Emotional intelligence sells more cars

Emotion + Information = Expert Selling

They say people buy with their emotions. However, what actually happens is a mix between influential information and emotional cues. MarketingProfs provides some […]

Calling from a business phone

6 DO’s and DON’Ts for Incoming Dealership Phone Calls

Incoming calls are some of the hottest leads for a dealership. However, if best practices aren’t in place, these calls can turn from […]

Live chat follow-up is crucial to dealership success

What’s Your Chat Follow-Up Process?

Live chat success does not happen on its own. Success happens when your dealership flawlessly incorporates live chat into its daily processes. And one of […]

Chat customer service phrases to avoid

4 Phrases Your Online Shoppers DON’T Want to Hear

Have you ever sat down at a restaurant, decided what you wanted to eat, and then as soon as the waiter comes by […]

Lead follow-up best practices

7 Crucial Days Following a Test Drive

7 days. It’s not just a quote from the terrifying film “The Ring,” or as the Japanese know it “Ringu.” It’s also the […]

Don't use these words at the showroom

Dealer Terminology You Should Never Use Around Your Customers

“It is the obvious which is so difficult to see most of the time. People say, ‘It’s as plain as the nose on […]