ActivEngage Launches Finance Tools for Car Dealerships

ActivEngage Integrates with 700Credit Finance Tools

Written By AE Staff

Exciting news here at ActivEngage! We've integrated with 700Credit finance tools to offer car dealers even better leads from live chat. The new online finance tools in our digital communications suite will change the game for the automotive industry. Here's why:

The Power of Finance Conversations in Chat

Your customers are NOT satisfied with the tedious car buying process at the dealership — particularly the finance part. According to a recent Autotrader study, new car buyer satisfaction declined from 82% to 69% when interactions with the F&I department were factored in. Of the 3-hours customers spend at the dealer buying a car, they spend over half of it doing paperwork.

A slow process just won't cut it anymore. Consumers want faster, more comfortable experiences in the buying journey. That’s why they increasingly depend on the Internet and their smartphones to give them answers. It’s why more and more car buyers click to chat.

By offering chat for finance, you empower online shoppers with information and give them the confidence to take the next step. Having finance-related conversations in chat will ultimately drive more qualified shoppers to the dealership. As a result, dealers will close more sales faster at their store.

The Integration with 700Credit Online Finance Tools

At ActivEngage, we believe that people, not technology, sell cars. That's why we designed our platform to help dealers connect with in-market buyers wherever they're looking at cars. Naturally, we added cutting-edge 700Credit tools to strengthen these interactions and give both dealers and consumer what they want: a better car buying process.

With the new integration, we can help automotive businesses:

  • Get more test drive appointments from chat
  • Receive enhanced customer information (i.e., FICO score)
  • Offer customers relevant inventory options at the dealership
  • Streamline paperwork in the F&I process
  • Make the car buying process faster

Transform the Car Buying Process at Your Dealership

Like you, we're excited about the future of the car business and the role technology will play in it. As the authority in automotive live chat, we look forward to diving deeper into the world of F&I and leading the way in how your shoppers will buy cars. Stay tuned because we have more in store!


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