Acura Dealership Testimonials

Phil Smith Acura Pompano Beach

"We just couldn't compete head-to-head in traditional advertising down here. It's just not cost effective and can drain a marketing budget in no time flat, without any noticeable return."

General Manager, Jim Behar
Customer Since 2008


Audi Dealership Testimonials

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Automotive Group Testimonials

Fort Wayne Automotive

"The ActivEngage Virtual Sales team studies our website, they know our promotions, and they are trained to have fluid conversations. They set walk-in appointments with 30% of the shoppers they chat with and we sell 20% of those appointments! You can't put a price tag on our partnership with ActivEngage."

BDC Administrator, Curt Richards
Customer Since January 2012

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Verneide Auto Group

"I trust ActivEngage with handling my chats because of the level of training the Virtual Sales Associates receive. Also, they do a great job of making sure my needs are met through their Customer Success department."

Internet Manager, Josiah Brunz
Customer Since May 2012

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Checkered Flag Automotive

"Live chat is not new for Checkered Flag; we have used at least five different chat providers over the past few years. I can, with certainty, say that all chat services are not equal; there is a huge variation in quality, service and results.

I sought the provider who could help us offer our site visitors the best service to increase our leads and sales, and I found it with ActivEngage. No other service has anything close to the reporting and analytics ActivEngage offers. Monitoring and training are a big piece of the puzzle that is missing in most chat services. I knew we would have good results with ActivEngage, but I'm actually shocked at how much more revenue we're now generating with live chat."

Director of eCommerce, Alex Snyder
Customer Since August 2009

Phil Smith Automotive

"Using ActivEngage has increased our leads, which in turn gives us additional sales opportunities. It allows us to be more efficient and effective with our current site traffic while additionally offering our website visitors a concierge level of service. They are a great company with very knowledgeable staff whose sole focus is to make our business better. Their depth of BDC and Internet experience made this a no-brainer for me. ActivEngage ensures that you can capitalize on every opportunity when people visit your dealerships website."

General Manager, Jim Behar
Customer Since March 2008


Cadillac Dealership Testimonials

Cadillac Village of Norwood

"ActivEngage is definitely more of a partner, than a vendor. Our account manager is always accessible and provides great insights on not only our website, but across the automotive industry and marketing trends."

Director of eCommerce, Chris Fousek
Customer Since February 2009

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Chrysler Dealership Testimonials

Danbury Dodge

"The information that the chatters get from our shoppers is a fantastic help in closing the sale! We’ve had a significant increase in our visit-to-lead conversions and have a 15% closing ratio on the chat leads. The attention to detail the chat team has is superb."

Susan Eway, Business Development Manager
Customer Since June 2013

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Ford Lincoln Mercury Dealership Testimonials

Fred Beans Ford Lincoln Mercury of Doylestown

"I highly recommend ActivEngage. We have experienced a very good return on investment as ActivEngage has been more than successful in helping our online business achieve greater conversion rates."

Internet Director, Jeff Haze
Customer Since January 2011


General Motors Dealership Testimonials

Karl Chevrolet

"I researched live chat options extensively. I knew that we needed to begin offering the service on our dealership website as more and more consumers expect the option. I also knew that we wanted to handle the chats from within the dealership.

ActivEngage offers the best solution for our dealership needs through their ActivSite offering. In less than two months of use, we're now generating more leads from our own site at a fraction of the cost of other lead sources. In addition to the increase in leads, especially for parts and service, I have been most impressed with ActivEngage's level of service and training for our dealership. They are always available."

Internet Sales Manager, Jason Mickelson
Customer Since February 2009


Honda Dealership Testimonials

Don Ayres Honda

"To me, the most valuable aspects of the ActivConcierge solution are the calls to action that chats provide customers as well as the outstanding professionalism of ActivEngage's chat personnel. I like the fact that ActivEngage provides a full-service managed chat solution so that my salesmen can focus on selling cars and not chatting. I trust ActivEngage to provide me with the information I need in order to drive more traffic through the showroom.

I would most definitely recommend ActivEngage to any dealership. I am continually impressed with how ActivEngage chats make each conversation meaningful with well-worded responses and tactics. Customers are using the chat service and tell me how happy they are to have that form of communication with the dealership available."

Internet Performance & Marketing Director, Jim Bell
Customer Since November 2010


Hyundai Dealership Testimonials

Alexandria Hyundai

"What I love about ActivEngage is the company's high level of customer service and professionalism. The development of a positive relationship with the customer is extremely important to a dealership's ability to sell. When we take over the customer relationship from ActivEngage, we are getting a customer in a positive frame of mind because of the quality of the chat experience.

Still, what excites me the most is how live chat has improved our customer service. Since beginning our relationship with ActivEngage, we're finding our customers more engaged and writing more positive reviews."

Owner and President, Kevin Reilly
Customer Since February 2011


Infiniti Dealership Testimonials

Infiniti of Coconut Creek

"ActivEngage definitely has the WOW factor they promise to deliver. We are thoroughly impressed with the service they provide for our dealership and online customers. Not everyone delivers on that promise and they have exceeded my expectations far and beyond anything I could have imagined. Our dealership's success is due in part to ActivEngage."

Internet Director, Robert Perez
Customer Since April 2012


Subaru Dealership Testimonials

Subaru of Keene

"When I couldn't log in on a Saturday and get the reports I needed for a meeting, I sent my Customer Success Manager an email, expecting a response on Monday. Instead, she called me from a parade and had me up and running shortly thereafter! It's not just a normal B2B relationship with ActivEngage, they are clearly a partner."

Director of Business Development, Mark Carey
Customer Since January 2011

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Toyota Dealership Testimonials

Andrew Toyota

"One of the biggest strengths of ActivEngage is the software and all the data. I'm concerned with things like how long it takes to answer a chat and how many chats we are converting to leads. The reporting and analytics ActivEngage provides answers those questions and much more."

Internet Manager, Peter Klein
Customer Since May 2011

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Ardmore Toyota

"I'm very impressed by how efficient ActivEngage is. They easily generate customer information for us, email address, phone number, full name, and interested vehicle. They do a fantastic job of chatting, which let's our sales people focus on what they do best—selling."

VP of Marketing Technology, Ryan Pesin
Customer since March 2011

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Volkswagen Dealership Testimonials

Hewlett Volkswagen

"We're not only using live chat for vehicle sales, but also parts, service, finance, really all dealership profit centers. People can be really impatient and live chat gives them instant gratification. Not all site visitors use the chat, but many of them do and the ones who do have the highest conversion rates. It's like a gold mine. The service paid for itself in the first month. ActivEngage is a top notch company with a five star level of service, speed and courtesy. I would put them at the top of the list for all vendors we have at the dealership."

Internet Manager, Russell Blackstone
Customer Since December 2008

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