How to Slaughter Your Competition Like the German Soccer Team

The World Cup is finally over and the German soccer team was the clear winner of the tournament. They possessed, not only the talents, but also the inner qualities of a winning team – and everyone loves a winner, both on the court and off. So how can your dealership’s team slaughter your competition like the ruthlessly efficient Die Mannschaft?


describe the imageFun Fact #1: The German team tried 23 different formations before facing off with Brazil last Tuesday. Clearly, this team isn’t afraid to work harder and smarter in order to move one step closer to their ultimate goal.

Fun Fact #2: Germany built their own base camp (A.K.A. resort) in Brazil for training during the World Cup. This helped them prepare and adapt to the climate and was a good distance from all the venues. This is the ultimate example of preparation.

While your dealership probably won’t be needing a training resort, your team should still be equipped with the tools they needed to move your inventory and take care of your customers. Try having training sessions and brainstorming meetings on a regular basis (at least monthly) that will build your employees’ confidence and performance at your dealership.

An Offensive Approach

Even if you’re not a face-painting raving soccer fan, it’s easy to appreciate the aggressive strategies of Die Mannschaft. Let’s take the intense Germany vs. Brazil game as an example. This historic humiliation for Brazil (7-1 on their home turf) was a ruthless German’s game. The team played offensively and the players were not afraid to make risky moves that would give them scoring opportunities.

The mindset at your dealership should be just as aggressive, in the best way. Seize the opportunity to stay ahead of your opponents by being there for your customers and prospective shoppers whenever and wherever they need you. Some ways you can do this is by:

  • putting yourself out there via social media

  • having live chat on your website

  • incentivizing your customers with specials and coupons


The German team may have star-players like Miroslav Klose and Thomas Mueller, but during the game the players work seamlessly as a unit. You don’t see a team that only depends on a Leonardo Messi or a Cristiano Ronaldo in order to win a game. You see power and skill combined from everyone!

Giving your team the confidence to work independently AND thrive as a unit, will help your dealership. Encourage them to train with each other and help them understand that they are not different profit centers but a unit. In order to produce dealership-changing results, your team will need to act like one.

Iron Will

This marks the fourth consecutive time that Germany reaches the semi-finals, and it isn’t just by chance. They have an inner belief that they are a worthy team of a championship. Even Bastian Schweinsteiger has “The Chosen One” on his soccer boots! It’s not arrogance, but confidence in their skills and the determination to win that helped the German team succeed.

Even after failure, your team needs to have that burning desire and determination to turn things around. Not every conversation will end in a sale and not every marketing strategy will get customers running through your dealership’s doors – and that’s okay as long as your team is resilient. Being able to push past previous losses will pay off in the end. Just ask the German team.