Top 10 Auto News Articles

Top 10 Auto News Articles 

Week of 8/7/19

Hey there, Car Dealers! We’re excited to announce that the Top Ten is back by popular demand!

If you’re new here, every Friday, your friends at ActivEngage scour the internet for the most interesting automotive news and marketing articles from around the web. Why? So you won’t have to — you can stay up-to-date on the latest in the car business RIGHT HERE.

Sit back, get your reading glasses and snacks ready, and enjoy this week’s edition of the Top 10:

10. Under the hood of Waymo's fleet project

Waymo is trying to stay ahead of the game, read here to find out how they are doing it.

9. Consumer data privacy laws are spreading nationwide

Since the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) launched, 19 additional states have introduced or passed similar laws. See here why this is so important.

8. Redefining 'the boss' increases store's sales

Be like "El Patronn", an innovative and self-driven car dealer who created a character persona to increase his car sales. Read his story here.

7. Auto scams at dealerships top-cited consumer gripe in 2018

Automotive issues were No.1 on the annual report that tracks complaints received by state and local consumer protection agencies.

6. 3 Tips to increase organic website traffic 

Dealers know how important SEO really is, but sometimes they forget why or lose sight of its impact. Here are 3 tips to make sure you're getting the most out of your SEO investment.

5. Renault-Nissan is dead in all but name

Even when a relationship is dead, couples often go through the process of remaining in marriage. That describes Renault-Nissan perfectly.

4. Risk is rising in global auto market, uncertainty high

Is the world coming to an end? No, but the entire global vehicle market sales are falling dramatically for the future. Discover why here.

3. Car Dealerships and Automotive YouTube Marketing Strategy

Oh YouTube, such a blessing to the marketing world. Why so many dealerships do not have a YouTube marketing strategy this year is beyond me! Read here why it can be so effective in the world today.

2. 5G Networks are coming. Is your business ready? 

Bigger audience, better analytics. I sure hope your business is ready for what's to come with 5G Networks.

1. 5 ideas for car dealers FB page

Social media for car dealers is a great way to reach out to your target audience. Here are 5 types of FB content you should use the next time you post!

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