Top 10 Auto News Articles

Top 10 Auto News Articles 

Week of 8/19/19

Hey there, Car Dealers! We’re excited to announce that the Top Ten is back by popular demand!

If you’re new here, every Friday, your friends at ActivEngage scour the internet for the most interesting automotive news and marketing articles from around the web. Why? So you won’t have to — you can stay up-to-date on the latest in the car business RIGHT HERE.

Sit back, get your reading glasses and snacks ready, and enjoy this week’s edition of the Top 10:

10. Younger buyers still want the dealership

A vast majority of younger vehicle shoppers still want the dealership involved in the buying process. Read here to see why.

9. Getting service recommendations is child's play

According to a recent article, one dealership has an interesting way of getting service recommendations, and you'll never believe what it is!

8. How to not mess up buying a car when you're young

We get it, you don't want to be seen as a "kid" when you're buying a car. But there are other reasons to be concerned when buying a car. It's time to whip out that calculator.

7. Do it right: Attract and keep the best people

Dealerships face more pressure to recruit, hire and keep talented staffers. This article can show you how to continue being attractive to current and future customers.

6. How this Snapchat study gives insight into the future of car buyers

Snapchat is interesting in many ways; but when you find out how relevant location data is through this app, you'll see why it's soo special to the future.

5. Take steps to increase dealership foot traffic

American brands (Ford, Chrystler, Chevy) should invest in location-based marketing strategies to drive more in-store visits. Discover how to increase that foot traffic you need!

4. May your DM's be forever in your favor

Dealer management systems can be seen as the brain that runs the entire dealership operation. It's now time to elevate for the future!

3. Car owners spending more time on repairs for paint damage

Car owners seem to be using the "do-it-yourself" method of improving vehicle appearances, but how does this look from a customer's perspective? Find out here.

2. Gen Z: Coming to a dealership near you

The new wave of digital shoppers has arrived. A different (and sometimes confusing path), read here to see how you can prepare for the uprising.

1. The car shopper's journey - tactics to reach in-market buyers

Increasing leads may be the highest priority for car dealerships, but there are also other major concerns for car dealers to create the best customer experience possible.

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