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Social Advantage

Target, reach, and convert in-market Facebook shoppers

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30 million in-market car shoppers have shifted to Facebook.

The car shoppers of today visit an average of 1.2 dealerships before buying a vehicle, down from nearly 5 dealerships from two decades ago. These in-market shoppers are making the more critical decisions online (30 million shoppers on Facebook alone), and then visiting the dealership to close the deal. Social Advantage gives you a strong visibility boost, enabling you to influence the shopper’s online experience.

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Get all the perks of Facebook’s platform rolled up into a single turnkey solution.

Marketplace inventory uploading, data-driven targeted marketing, Messenger chat support, intelligent retargeting advertising, and more come packaged with Social Advantage, ActivEngage’s turnkey solution for all things Facebook.

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Target the right people with the right message.

With Social Advantage, we send dynamic inventory ads for your in-market shoppers that connect directly to your website VDP pages, and if the shopper doesn’t convert there, we then present them with a compelling retargeting ad campaign featuring suggested vehicles from your inventory.

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Influence shoppers at every step of today’s buying journey.

Whether you’re looking to get your inventory uploaded to Facebook Marketplace or are simply trying to generate more traffic on your own website, Social Advantage has you covered from the first online impression to the final handshake.

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Learn More About Social Advantage by ActivEngage

Learn More About Social Advantage by ActivEngage