Relationships Delivered Through the Art of Conversation

ActivEngage has perfected the timeless art of conversation. Our new chat technology allows our team to carry conversations across digital channels to produce more customers than any other chat provider. We develop powerful relationships with each customer to give your dealership more sales/service appointments, higher satisfaction scores, and greater referral potential.

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Chat-to-Lead Conversion

Get more out of your digital marketing strategy with ActivEngage. Our online conversations turn casual browsers into engaged prospects so you can focus on what you do best: sell cars.

Leads with Phone Numbers

With smartphones becoming a staple item in shoppers’ pockets, the hottest piece of contact information to have is the phone number. Rest easy knowing we deliver.

Leads with Preset Appointments

The end goal is to get more bodies in the showroom. We drive more online shoppers to your dealership than any other chat provider in the industry by setting appointments.

We believe lead quality is measured by the power of a relationship

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