QualiFi Your Shoppers

Drive More Qualified Car Buyers to Your Dealership. Sell More Cars.


Know Your Shopper's Buying Power

Get even more out of your ActivEngage chat leads. Our expert team helps capture customer finance details including live FICO Scores, current car payment, and auto trade line information through our credit service partner.

Prioritize Sales Opportunities

Set your team up to close more sales, faster. The financial data in our leads are sent directly to your CRM, so your team can prioritize sales opportunities before shoppers set foot in your lot — and put the right customer in the right vehicle, right away.

Your interactions are handled by an automotive-specific team.

There’s more to your dealership than the Sales Department. That’s why our team is trained to chat and generate leads for ALL departments, including:
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Parts
  • Finance
  • Customer Service

Our specialists are highly-trained to represent you.

Choosing who represents your dealership matters. That’s why our Specialists are hired and trained to offer the highest quality service:
  • 3 weeks of rigorous chat training
  • Centrally-managed for quality assurance
  • Trained and tested on your dealership

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