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An Exclusive NADA 2017 Recap with Todd Smith

Last weekend, the National Automotive Dealers Association held its centennial celebration, the NADA100 Conference and Expo in New Orleans. There were great organizations and speakers present at the event, eager to share automotive knowledge and mingle. The excitement was palpable!

For those of you who missed one of the biggest automotive events of the year, this blog is for you.

ActivEngage CEO, Todd Smith, went and interacted with some of the industry’s leading automotive professionals. And he came back with excellent recon, which we will be sharing in today’s special edition vlog:

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NADA100 Key Takeaways:

1. Providing a Holistic Online Experience

For over a decade, the automotive industry has been working towards making online car buying go mainstream. Unsurprisingly, this topic was a major theme at the 2017 NADA100. The underlying debate behind many speaking sessions and workshops was: Are industry leaders trying to push their own agenda, or is online car buying a response to consumer trends? Todd shares his thoughts in the video above.

2. Post-NADA Steps: What’s Next?

Todd has been to over 25 NADA events alone, many of which he attended as a fellow dealer principal. So it’s safe to say he’s no stranger to testing out new strategies to increase revenue. His pro-tip for when you head back to the dealership with all your notes? Choose one great, actionable item on the list. Then build on it to gain momentum!

3. Focus on Service as a True Profit Center

Last year, the auto industry set an all-time record of 17.55 million cars sold. Among the many predictions heard at NADA, Todd mentioned that 2017 could be the year car sales fall flat, bringing to light the need to make the service drive a priority this year!

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4. Discover Ways to Take Advantage of Social Commerce

With Facebook’s latest updates posing excellent opportunities for car dealers to engage and drive more social shoppers to the showroom, Todd talks about a key tool you’ll want in your social marketing arsenal!

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