Mission Impossible: The 5-Star Experience

The critical timing in customer reviews

Good morning, Mr. Dealer.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves maintaining excellent precision reputation management. Sounds like a mouthful right? Well, here is another challenge, maintain the dealership's image while keeping track of thousands of Google reviews. Yes, it sounds like a complicated process because it is. Customer reviews can be hit or miss, you may never know what someone truly thinks of your performance until the reviews page updates. You feel that you're doing great with your dealership then BAM! A new, negative review with the potential to stop your momentum dead in its tracks. Making a customer experience 5-star worthy can be a challenge, but it can also be the timing behind the reviews that can make or break your reputation.

What the Buck? 

Think about it this way: If there are multiple touch points before the dealer makes the sale, why are we waiting until money exchanges hands to ask for feedback? For dealers, we all know how important it is to make an impression on someone who walks into the showroom. That alone could make or break the deal, but also consider online reviews. The digital marketplace needs to matter just as much like the one in person. Customers would not do business with a dealership based on the manager's statement and not the customer's review. Customers demand trust before they can enter the purchase field. What’s important now is their buying decisions are made outside of the dealership. Reviews set the tone before the tone is even set. If customers can’t trust you online, why would they see you at your dealership? On average, customers today will read at least ten reviews about your dealership before deciding to purchase a vehicle.  

Gaining Stamina

So, what can a dealership do to keep the momentum running? Some people may not believe it, but letting the customer’s voice be heard is crucial! It’s common to pay attention to a negative review, but not responding to the voice of concern laying behind that review will haunt a dealership. 


Because it doesn’t make the customer feel human, reading a customer’s complaint and then proceeding to ignore it is INSULTING. By responding to the complaint, it shows the customer that you’re listening to them, and you’re willing to listen to others as well. Even with positive reviews, a dealership responding with gratitude can speak miles for those customers and others that will follow in their footsteps. 

Being a 5-Star Responder 

Be fast, be supportive, be human. A customer knowing the dealership has their back makes for an excellent relationship. Even if nothing falls through the customer is sure to spread a good word about the dealership. The reason for being precise in timing is because quick responses matter. For better ratings with every review engagement, consider ActivEngage’s newest reputation enhancement tool: AcceleRater. This blog will self-destruct in ten seconds. Good luck, Mr. Dealer. 

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