Meet the Client Experience Team: The Best in Value, Coming from the Best in the Field


What's worse than a customer giving you an angry call about a lack of communication? The fact you could have done something to prevent it. Take a look at one of the biggest problems of customer service: connection. Customers who chat with you online feel like they're talking to a robot and could be disinterested to continue. It sucks! Luckily, our team is here to help. 

Life is more relaxed with us 

The Client Experience Team. Sounds neat right? Our team gives you space to breathe when communicating with your clientele. Our Client Experience Specialists are your dealership’s ambassadors, solely focused on helping you get the most out of your ActivEngage service. Here's how our team makes a difference: 

  • Product training. We’re constantly evolving our services. You’re the first to know about our latest innovations and how to use them.
  • Onboarding. Most vendors leave customers to their devices after sign-up. Not ActivEngage. We take a hands-on approach getting you ready for deployment.
  • Agile support. We understand that, sometimes, things just can’t wait. That’s why 21% of customer replies occur within less than 15 minutes.
  • Constant communication. We take our dealer partnerships seriously. We make it a priority to connect with clients regularly and flexibly.
  • Going the extra mile. From website recommendations to lead follow-up, your dealership gets true value during calls with us.

Finding and creating an understanding of your customers, that puts the Customer in Customer Experience. It’s not just about focusing on change and wanting to be better with your clients, it’s about actually making the changes real. Do customers really want to feel like they are shopping alone without some form of guidance? No! They need someone to talk to! Someone who goes out of their way to understand their needs for a vehicle. The objective is to create satisfaction and enhance the customer experience. This is when our team steps in.     

Why Customer Experience matters

Building strong relationships is key to success within any business including our own. Ryan, our Client Experience Manager and 4-year veteran at ActivEngage, knows how valuable it is for a dealership to have an ally, not just a vendor. He knows a big part of customer experience is client retention; you would want your customers to have such a pleasant experience they will guarantee to return. Without communication, there would be no advocate to reach out to your customers. Everything would be a short-term relationship, and it’s a mess!

You can’t operate solely on opinion, It leads to zero trust and zero faith in a brand. It is important to create a lasting impression of your company as a whole. Good impressions are memorable; however, the same goes for a poor customer experience. We stress this importance because it’s the customer that holds all the power! They are your best resource for creating positive brand awareness because of one important tool: Word of Mouth. It is still relevant today because people will always trust the opinions of customers about a dealership over the actual car dealer.   

Believe the hype! 

We understand building a strong first impression is one of the primary keys to success, and we want you to know our team has what it takes to get the job done. I mean, who wants to deal with robots all day when you're excited about possibly buying a car? 

The key is putting a large emphasis on influence, acting as a bridge connecting a planned strategy to how things will get done. You want your customers to know their voices are being heard? We’ve got you covered. 


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