ActivOne: The Digital Communications Solution for Car Dealers

Introducing ActivOne for Car Dealers

ActivEngage is proud to announce the launch of ActivOne for car dealers. This is the story of how and why the communications solution came to be. For the details of our product, check out the ActivOne press release.

ActivOne: What started as a simple goal…

At ActivEngage, we ‘re committed to transforming the way consumers interact with dealerships.
We have spent 10 years developing and perfecting our technology and conversations. Why? So car dealers could stop being slaves to too many vendors, ineffective messaging tools, and keeping up with technology. We were ready to create a best-in-class solution that could evolve with the times.

We leveraged millions of chat conversations to uncover changes in consumer behavior. And we saw the need to enhance our software to support the kinds of interactions that influence buying decisions. In other words, we took the rocket science out of online conversations so dealers could focus on closing deals.

Became something much bigger than we imagined…

One of our first goals was to expand the use of live chat to different dealership departments. Our team has chatted for Sales, Fixed Operations, and even Customer Service for years. But we knew there had to be a new way to increase engagement and improve the consumer experience.

That’s why we integrated with platforms like Xtime and Timehighway to set service appointments. On average, we are seeing a 15% increase in service appointment show rate and a $60 increase per repair order.

As we continued to expand our services, our software needs began to evolve. We added features like Chat Queues that helps customers reach the right person at the dealership right away. We also updated our chat graphics with a sleek interface that search engines, car dealers, and car buyers love.
One of our biggest initiatives was to expand the digital reach of car dealers by offering chat outside of websites. To be where today’s automotive consumers are, we launched conversations via:
We partnered with other industry-leading businesses and piloted messaging in these new channels. During that time, our team studied and perfected these conversations, while still remaining true to our standards.
The result? A significant increase in engagement between consumers and car dealers that led to more sales. ActivOne was born.

And we’re only scratching the surface

The most important aspect of ActivOne is that it’s an evolving solution. ActivEngage will continue to grow in response to changing consumer behavior and dealership needs. So will ActivOne. Dealers looking to be where their customers are and increase sales can rely on ActivOne in the years to come.

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