4 Customer-Centric Infographics to Check Out Right Now

You’re always on the lookout for innovative, measurable ways to effectively engage automotive shoppers. That’s why we’ve compiled four customer-centric infographics to help you improve your marketing strategy and proactively engage the modern buyer.


Check out these infographics to learn how you can build better buyer personas, engage shoppers through brand attachment, retain more customers once they have bought from you, and much more!

1. The Science of Building Better Buyer Personas

It’s no secret that if you want to create better content for your website visitors, you first need to understand their needs. That’s why creating fictional representations of your customers can help you better adjust your content and increase engagement on your website.


But, building buyer personas is more than narrowing down your shoppers based on gender, age, and occupation. Learn what it takes to create better buyer personas that will help gear your dealership’s inbound marketing efforts in the right direction.


2. Driven By Brand: 2014 Automotive Brand Dependence Index

According to a recent study by UTA Brand Studio, there are very traditional ways to predict automotive buyers’ behavior like attitude and satisfaction ratings. However, a commonly overlooked and valuable factor in predicting consumer actions is “attachment.”


Find out how emotionally attached consumers are to different automotive brands, and how that affects their loyalty and willingness to repurchase from your dealership!


3. “New Car, New Year” Infographic Breaks Down the Holiday Auto Sales Push

According to Edmunds data, this week is said to be the busiest car-shopping time of the year! (Here’s to hoping, right?)


Although this Edmunds infographic is geared towards automotive shoppers, it’s very insightful in sales data for the auto industry. It’s a must-see for where and how consumers are shopping for vehicles RIGHT NOW!


4. A Visual Introduction to Customer Lifetime Value

According to Aria studies, on average, 80% of a business’s future profit comes from 20% of its existing clients.


After shoppers buy a car, how likely are they to return to YOUR dealership for service, parts, or even a trade-in? Predict the future through a CLV analysis, which allows you to establish customer interaction points.


Check it out for great tips on proactively increasing customer retention!


BONUS: 3 Important SEO Questions Explained Through Infographics

In these infographics, you’ll find answers to these three important search engine optimization questions:


  • What’s the difference between old SEO and new SEO?

  • How exactly does Google crawl and index web pages?

  • What does the future of SEO look like?


Don’t worry — you can thank us later for your awesome new SEO strategies!