Becoming More: ActivEngage Partners with Harley-Davidson

ActivEngage's new partnership with Harley-Davidson helps them understand a new world of vehicle consumers. Harley-Davidson puts a strong emphasis on "family" in their representation as a brand. A core value that ActivEngage can relate heavily to.

Demonstrating Core Values   

Frederic Susman, ActivEngage Client Experience Specialist.

“Being able to speak Harley is a language in itself much like speaking truck.” Said Frederic Susman, ActivEngage Client Experience Specialist. “ActivEngage is going to be a better partner not just for this Harley Store, but all Harley stores.” The key understanding is communication through connection. In other words, being able to relate to customers outside of the general motor vehicle field by becoming one of them. Harley-Davidson is different. If you want to talk bikes, you need to be able to speak bikes. This characteristic is valued upon dealers because this shows the human side of your company - The effort to understand your customers. 

Family Matters 

Harley-Davidson riders and consumers demand respect for who they are. They are riders with a purpose: Family. "You have guys driving their bikes down the road from each other and I drove on the other side. They both started waving 'hi' to each other as they both drive down opposite sides." Said Frederic. They all seem to understand each other, giving ActivEngage the resources on their back end to be able to speak intelligently about their brand. "Harley lets us know how they position their leads and talk to their customers." Said Randy Jeffrey, ActivEngage Senior Training Manager. "Through Harley-Davidson, we now represent the oldest rally location in the United States (Laconia Harley-Davidson, New Hampshire)."

Something More 

You have now entered the world of motorcycles. A new world filled with knowledge! A Family, Brotherhood, Group. Whatever way you refer to it as. Harley-Davidson is something more than just that. It’s a new automotive world. What does this mean for ActivEngage? A new responsibility. The new duty of understanding a new field of customers and their needs. For Harley-Davidson, they have gained a new provider with hopes of expanding their increasing customer satisfaction. For ActivEngage, they have discovered a horizon beyond the realm of cars, something they are looking forward to. 

"To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there."

- Barbara Bush