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Top Auto Industry Blogs and News for Dealers: Feb 3 - 9

Posted by Stephen Jackson on Fri, Feb 10, 2012 @ 01:17 PM

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It’s finally Friday, which means it’s time for the ActivEngage Social Media team to provide dealers with the top auto industry blogs and news posts for the week of February 3rd - 9th. This week, our featured blogs cover Super Bowl commercials, great social media tips, and key addresses at the NADA conference! You can put away your email newsletters and Google alerts - the only update you’ll need is right here:

10.  “The 7 Fundamentals of Successful Blogs

What exactly does it take to make your blog generate the traffic you desire? How can you keep more readers on your page longer? What separates the great blogs from the good one? Douglas Idugboe, Executive Editor at, provides a succinct guide to the fundamentals of blog etiquette. You have no excuse now - get out there and blog your fingers off!

9.  “Learn to Love What Women Want!

When auto dealers consider their customers, they might not take the time to segment their target market into the various demographic sub-sets that shop at their dealership - but women are very different consumers than men, and their purchasing power is stronger than ever before. Sally Whitesell writes about the variations between the buying decisions of men and women, and how you can improve your sales and service by keeping these differences in mind.

8.  “2012 - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Tom Gorham asserts to the entire ADM community - 2012 will be the year that makes or breaks you. Many auto dealers are trapped in the flux of discontinuing their traditional marketing efforts and transitioning to the digital age. Tom’s wonderful tips for “progressive dealers” will help you survive the year to come.

7.  “Does Social Matter?

Matt Murray penned a great blog about the benefits of social media this week, rounding up tons of third party data to support the rapid growth dealership social campaigns. The study Matt cites has determined that the benefits of social media marketing far outweigh the risks - so if you’re not already socializing your brand, what’s stopping you?

6.  “What Auto Dealers Can Learn From Automotive Super Bowl Ads

We all know the high cost and importance of Super Bowl ads - but this year’s assortment presents valuable marketing lessons from which everyone can learn. We at ActivEngage have compiled a collection of this year’s OEM ads and explain how each one is relevant to dealers. Make sure to tell us which one is your favorite!

5.  “Why You Need Social Media Followers Who Won’t Ever Buy

Often, a dealer’s biggest concern with launching a social media campaign is localization. What good are Facebook fans in distant locales when they will never, ever buy from you? Hubspot explains that these aren’t useless contacts - in fact, they’re a necessity for extending your reach!

4.  “Google Changing the World Again

SEOmoz really knows their stuff when it comes to search engines, and this informative video session shows you how you can appear at the very top of hundreds of thousands of people’s search results – but only if you properly use Google Plus. We take our hats off to Rand Fishkin for sharing with us the impressive potential of this social network.

3.  President Bush’s Session at NADA

Former President George W. Bush was a keynote speaker at the 2012 NADA conference, sharing very candid responses during a Q&A session with attendees. During this time, he told dealers that he would loan government funds to GM and Chrysler all over again. Dealers, make sure to read up on this new perspective on the controversial move to save the auto industry during the 2008 crisis.

2.  “New Study on the U.S. Automotive Service Market Topples Key Myths

A new study by DMEautomotive reported a number of important and fascinating statistics at the 2012 NADA conference - primarily concerning customer loyalty. The white paper shows a weakness in dealership service loyalty and debunks a common myth that independent shops are a dealer's biggest threat. Put your dealership in the lead by familiarizing yourself with these statistics!

1.  “Montana Auto Dealer Bill Underriner Takes the Helm at NADA

Freshman NADA chairman Bill Underriner asked tough questions about the government's proposed fuel economy plan at this year's conference. Underriner urges dealers to demand "a full and fair public debate" on the issue of a proposed fuel economy of 54.5 miles per gallon – which he says will push millions out of buying a car! This important issue affects dealers everywhere, so here’s your chance to get informed on the issues.

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