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Top Blogs and News for Auto Dealers: Feb 24 to March 1

Posted by Stephen Jackson on Fri, Mar 02, 2012 @ 12:58 PM

describe the imageIt’s hard for auto dealers to keep up with the best blogs and automotive news.  That’s why we at ActivEngage each week bring you the top automotive blogs and news. This week, February 24 to March 1, the topics of Pinterest, the Facebook Timeline and SEO caught our eye. Those and much more are featured below in our latest edition of the ActivEngage weekly blog roundup.

10) Fortune Magazine Writer Lambasts Car Salesmen

In a recent Fortune Magazine article, contributor Becky Quick, who is also an anchor on CNBC's Squawk Box, wrote an opinion piece titled It Drives Me Crazy! A Short Screed on the Stupidity of Car Salesmen. In this blog, Dr. Elizabeth Archuleta discusses why Fortune magazine included the piece and why you should the care.

9) Sesame Street threw-up: The Facebook Timeline effecton Car Dealers

We’re sure most of you are aware by now of Facebook Timeline’s availability for business pages (Check out ActivEngage’s Timeline).  Whether or not the new layout makes you gag, it’s a big step in the evolution of social networking.  In this DrivingSales blog, Bryan Armstrong explains why now would be a great time to look at the photos (which dominate the timeline format) that you’ve posted since you began Facebook and urges you to use the next 30 days to clean that rubbish heap of Facebook nonsense you thought was buried.

8.) LinkedIn Launches Company Follow Button (How to Add It Now)

As usual, HubSpot’s on top of the inbound marketing game.  ‘HubSpotter’ Pamela Vaughan sheds light on the latest way to generate more followers for your awesomely optimized LinkedIn Company Page.  The launch of the new LinkedIn follow button, like Twitter's follow button and Facebook's like button, makes it simple for your website visitors to follow your company's LinkedIn page with just one click. High five for more social engagement opportunities!

7) Virality: The Value of Pinterest for Car Dealers

Tired of hearing how Pinterest is the best marketing opportunity for dealers since the invention of the Facebook page? You better not be! In this blog, JD Rucker explains the technique to use Pinterest to help improve the virality and SEO of your website.  Try it out and see if you can have what it takes to go viral.

6) Lost in Translation

This post is for all you dealers that think cookies and spiders are just yummy and scary things that only exist in the physical realm.  Helping you translate digital speak into dealer speak, 15-year automotive vet John Quinn discusses examples of how dealers and Internet Sales Managers can overcome the language barrier of the digital age.

5) SEO Tips for Car Dealers Looking Ahead

Think there’s more to SEO than Google Plus? You’re so right. Ali Amirrezvani reminds dealers to keep their eye on the SEO ball in the ever-changing search landscape.  The 3 tips he gives will help keep your website a search engine favorite.

4)  ROI is for Losers!

Yeah right...In a blog known for its highly opinionated content, Todd Katcher explains how some dealers get caught up in ROI mania.  Remember that there’s more to life and dealerships than what is based on return.  By the time you finish reading this blog, it’s likely that you’ll see things in a whole new light.

3) General Motors-PSA Euro Talks Tip of Iceberg?

Have you been following the European debt crisis? Barbara McClellan explains that the EU should be a “no-fly” zone for global automakers looking to improve their bottom lines and the GM partnership with PSA Peugeot Citroen is a step in the wrong direction.  With US consumer confidence translating into better-than-expected auto sales, why do you think GM would enter the stagnant French market? If you were a GM executive, would you think this is a smart decision?

2) Could Google’s Latest Algorithm Change Be Affecting Your Dealership?

Has your dealership’s ranking in search results changed recently? If so, you should ask your website provider about the algorithm changes Google has made.  On Tuesday, Google announced 40 changes to search quality made over the past month or so.  These changes include improvements to ‘Freshness,’ Local Results and Panda? Want to know what that means and how it affects you? Check out this short and sweet blog.

1) What is now?!!!

“We live in an instantaneous gratification society,” writes Tony Provost in a DealerElite blog.  And, because of that societal trend, dealers must be trained to capitalize on the power of “now.”  Tony outlines the rationale and technique to make more money by selling more cars to more people, right now! So, what are you waiting for?


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