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Top Blogs and News for Auto Dealers: March 1 - 8

Posted by Ketty Colom on Fri, Mar 09, 2012 @ 12:50 PM

Team ActivEngage brings you more high quality content from around the web in the latest installment of our weekly auto news and inbound marketing blog roundup! This week, we’ve shared some surprising sales statistics from last month, some excellent sales tips and complete guide to Facebook’s new Timeline interface! All you need to know about the week of March 1 - 8 is right here:

  1. Closing the Appointment - One Step Closer to a Sale


All of your Internet marketing efforts are focused toward one thing - getting that visitor into your dealership! Rob Fantano writes his latest blog post about surefire steps to reach that all important appointment close. Above all, let your lead know your availability, make sure they know where you’re located, and always follow up with a confirmation!


  1. Co-op Makes us Stupid!


Keith Shetterly’s ADM post reminds dealers that their OEMs might not always know how to best allocate their marketing dollars. Co-op (or advertising assistance from auto manufacturers) can be a great asset to dealers, but it can also make them complacent with ineffective practices. Make sure you are spending your OEM-provided funds on the right things!


  1. What Auto Dealers Need to Manage a Chat Solution


When selecting a live chat solution for your dealership, the most important decision you can make is whether to outsource your chat to dedicated specialists or manage it in-house. If you’re opting for the latter, make sure to take a look at ActivEngage’s blog post about the absolute necessities of managing your own chat. If you don’t have the right mindset, resources, or benchmarks, you might want to consider letting an experienced vendor handle it!


  1. U.S. Light-Vehicle Sales Surprise on High Side in February


For the second straight month, vehicle sales have overshot all forecasts by quite a high margin - much to the surprise and delight of industry experts and dealers. As the American public starts to feel the first light of an economic recovery, we sincerely hope that domestic automotive purchases are well on their way back to their former volume.


  1. Is Mobile Reshaping Your Dealership’s Marketing Plan for 2012?


Ben Anderson’s DealerRefresh post gives dealers some key information about the market penetration of smartphones and mobile devices. Dealers must understand that mobile technology is advancing and will continue to become even more sophisticated - so start developing your mobile marketing plans now!


  1. Online Service Advisor Training - Service Advisor Sales Tips


To Jeff Cowan, there is no such thing as too much persistence. In his DealerElite video upload, he explains the persistence of your sales staff deserves to be rewarded. He even demonstrates that maintaining a relationship with a customer even after they refuse a sale may allow you to reap rewards later. Not being persistent robs your customer of the opportunities that you are offering!


  1. Call Centers are Cool Again


Chip King says that call centers are making a big comeback as dealers expand their businesses. These centers facilitate communication with customers and are proven to double appointment closes! And after all, outsourced live chat is simply the call center of the future - so stay in the loop!


  1. Twitter Plots Big Changes to Brand Pages


Twitter will offer huge opportunities for brand pages in the near future. The social media giant plans to add staying power to brand pages by giving them ecommerce and sweepstakes options. These pages will be available to Twitter advertisers and will provide a significant advantage by making organic and paid content more connected.


  1. Facebook Auto Intender - A New Goldmine For Marketers


Good news for social businesses - you can target your Facebook ads to specific segments based on their recent status updates! For example, your dealership can advertise specifically to those Facebook members who have marked themselves as “auto intending” - or those who are ready to purchase a new car! And, as Volker Jaeckal points out on DrivingSales, this is an absolute gold mine for marketers!


  1. The Complete Guide to Setting Up the New Facebook Page Design


Our top blog post this week goes to Hubspot and their superb guide to Facebook’s brand-new Timeline interface. If you were perplexed by the new layout and changes made to your dealership’s Facebook page, Hubspot’s guide walks you through cover photo tips, advice for pinning content and a walkthrough of the new app page! This is a must-read for any social media marketer!

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