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Top Blogs and News for Auto Dealers: March 16 - 23

Posted by Ketty Colom on Fri, Mar 23, 2012 @ 12:33 PM

describe the imageTeam ActivEngage has customized our weekly roundup to deliver the highest quality blogs and news for auto dealers!  

This week, we’ve shared some great social media advice, how to increasing website leads, and positive tips on how to get you and your auto-dealers back on track before entering April! All you need to know about the week of March 16 - 23 is right here:

  1. Why I Will Never Buy Another Car From (Your Dealership Name Here)

"If the dealership was genuinely interested in providing a true VIP experience, here’s what should have happened"- say's Steve Stauning, describing his negative experience purchasing from a dealership. Learn how to better your dealership by being aware of other dealerships' flaws.

  1. Net Promoter: The Ultimate Question and One Number You Need to Grow

If you are measuring and trying to increase your customer satisfaction—you’re measuring the wrong benchmark. Eighty percent of satisfied customers will still shop around to your competitors even if they are satisfied with your service. Instead of working to increase customer satisfaction, focus on growing your fan base by measuring your Net Promoter Index!

  1. What do your fans really want from you?

How do you spearhead long-term and valuable relationships with your audience that pay off more than just collecting virtual fans? Here's a blog with tips on how to engage your future leads and conversions.

  1. Facebook's New Business Pages Means Marketers Must Evolve

Facebook has effectively shelved tabs as default landing pages, a strategy which many large corporations, small businesses, and social marketers have spent time, energy, and significant budget building out. Learn what has changed and how you and your dealership can stay on top of the marketing game.

  1. B2B Marketers Optimistic About Social Media for Lead Generation

A February 2012 survey of B2B marketing and agency professionals by BtoB Magazine found that 59% view lead generation as their greatest online marketing challenge. To meet that goal, marketers are exploring new channels in 2012, particularly social media—and for many, the approach is working. Here are more reasons why use of social media is the right move for your dealership with future leads.

  1. Advice from a 30 Car Guy

How do you actually sell 30 units per month and make over $100,000 per year? First, “Begin with the End in Mind”. You have to have a plan, you cannot just tell yourself that you are going to work hard and sell cars; it is not as simple as that. Sean shares his success in the automotive industry and how you and your sales team can achieve the same results!

  1. The Tactics You Need to Capitalize on the Fast Past of Social Media 

Engagement around a given link or topic is fleeting, so you have to be quick to respond if you want to capitalize on or quell the hoopla around a subject on social media. Meghan gives tips on how to both capitalize on social opportunities, and repair brand damage.

  1. How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done 

It can be easy to procrastinate the to-do's on your list, especially when it comes to tasks that don't fall into your daily routine of selling vehicles! But sometimes those activities — such as making a "check up" call to a past client or updating a Twitter account — are crucial to growing the company. Review some ideas about how to stay focused and strategic.

  1. Measure Your Dealer's Twitter Performance

Got Twitter for your dealership? Stephen, ActivEngage's very own, will go in depth in this blog on how to measure return on your Twitter investment, how to gauge the size and scale of your audience, and how to use analytic's to provide content that will drive listeners into your dealership.

  1. 10-Minutes a Day. 5-Days a week. Better SEO. Yes, it's that easy.

Many dealers may wonder why they need to work on their SEO even though it is being handled through a service provider.   JD Rucker from Dealer Elite authors a great blog advising dealers to act now on improving their SEO to better enhance their chances in receiving leads. With JD's 10 minute a day plan, Monday-Friday, in just one week auto dealers can top their competitors.
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