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Top Blogs and News for Auto Dealers: March 31 - April 6

Posted by Ketty Colom on Fri, Apr 06, 2012 @ 12:09 PM

Team ActivEngage has customized our weekly roundup to deliver the highest quality blogs and news for auto-dealers!  This week, we’ve shared some great social media news, how to increase dealership productivity, and helpful tips on how to get you and your auto dealers on top this April! All you need to know about the week of March 31st - April 6th is right here:

10. New Dads Are Big-Time Social Media Users - Written by: eMArketer Digital Intelligence

Millennial dads have more online friends than millennial moms. These dads reported an average of 96 online friends, while moms averaged only 70. Be sure to click the title to read more!

9. You Are Your OWN Lottery - Written by: Keith Shetterly

Need a "pick-me-up" for you and your dealership this week? Want to win the Lottery? Keith Shetterly from reveals the secret on how to increase the odds in winning the Lottery within the automotive sales world.

8. Seven Steps to Find Your "Uncommon Sense"- Written by: Leslie Brokaw

Being consistent and distinctively different means understanding your beliefs — or what the authors call your “uncommon sense”- Brokaw.  This article is a must-have for all dealership's wanting to transition a good dealership, to a GREAT one!

7. Terrafugia to Show Flying Car in New York - Written by: Jonathan Welsh

The thought of flying a car was once thought to be bizarre, but as of recently it has become a reality. Creator, Terrafugia, will promote the unique vehicle --known as the Transition-- this week at the New York Auto Show. Curious as to how much it costs? Or how much training/testing is needed to operate this beauty? Follow the link to witness this week’s most anticipated vehicle to see at the New York Auto Show debuting TODAY!

6. What Twitter Sees in Small Business – Written by:  Anthonia Akitunde

Twitter is in the process of persuading smaller businesses/auto-dealerships with a committed version of the "promoted" advertising that it offers to larger brands. In addition, the advertising will come with a package of analytic tools designed to help small companies maximize their return on investment. Read more about how Twitter is becoming more accessible and valuable to auto-dealers as interests in social media marketing continues on the rise!

5. So What if Only 1% of Facebook Fans 'Engage'? - Written by: Andrew Lipsman

Auto dealers have an unparalleled opportunity to communicate with their fans. Contrary to the popular belief, measuring the success of a campaign is done with brand engagement rather than the amount of clicks or "Like[s]" one has on their site. Check out Andrew Lipsman article and be the dealership that stands out from the rest with higher leads and conversions!

4. Facebook's Global Ambitions Lure Advertisers- Written by: Christopher Heine

Mammoth marketing companies such as Nike, Domino's Pizza, Levi's and Starbucks have all run global Facebook campaigns, learning to translate and adapt their social content to dozens of languages and cultural contexts. "Facebook has become a single point and language that translates almost across the entire globe!” LEARN how you can utilize social marketing like the pros!

3. The Digital Dealer pt. 1 –“First Things First”- Written by: Rob Fontano

According to Rob Fontano, the biggest problem dealers face is that there is a great deal of disparity between the customers online and showroom shopping experiences. He points out some tips to dealerships on how to better assist online customers as if they were on the showroom floor that may be helpful to for your staff.

Also don’t miss! --> Digital Dealer pt. 2- The Transparency Fallacy; It’s Not About Price!

2.  As US Car sales pick up, trade-ins are older – Mark Glover

The average age of vehicles traded in within the United States in January and February was about 6.2 years old, according to How are the numbers projected to look like in the coming months and the future?  Check it out!

1. ActivEngage Awarded Platinum Dealer's Choice Award - Auto Dealer Monthly

In recognizing all those selected for this year’s 2012 Auto Dealer Monthly Dealer's Choice Awards - Congratulations! Furthermore it is my pleasure to announce that ActivEngage -- an annual Dealer's Choice award winner-- was announced as the Platinum Chat Provider in 2012! Make sure to head over to Auto Dealer Monthly to view the rest of this year’s winners as well as those awarded in the past!  To view a digital version of the magazine --> CLICK HERE.

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