Our mission.

To inspire conversations which create powerful first impressions and lasting relationships.

Our promise.

  • Create dynamic conversations in every chat.
  • Build lasting relationships with
    every word.
  • Provide an elite experience every time.

ActivEngage was founded in 2007 on the principle that people, not technology, sell cars. Since our two co-owners started out as "car guys," our company has stayed grounded in our car dealer roots and has applied their automotive industry expertise to the successful development of our live chat services.

For the past seven years, ActivEngage has provided the most trusted live chat solution and professional managed chat service to our car dealer, automotive group and OEM customers and partners.

Hear from owners Todd Smith and Ted Rubin about ActivEngage's journey to become the most trusted live chat provider.


Take a look at some of our most memorable events over the past 7 years.

ActivEngage Timeline